Monday, November 05, 2007

Juggling in 3D 355: Taking up the role
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Diane writes: Last week I took part in an exercise where I was given a sheet of paper with five concentric circles. Between the edge of each circle and in the very centre there was space to write. I was invited to write words in each of the circles that describe me. The facilitator pointed out that each time we do an exercise like this we will put words in different places, those closest to the centre are the most important descriptors each time we do it. I really enjoyed the exercise and was interested to see which words were closest to the centre. Suddenly a new word leapt into my brain, "Mother-in Law".

Two weeks ago we celebrated our younger daughter's wedding. It was a truly splendid affair which everyone tells me they enjoyed immensely. There was a very moving piece in the ceremony where the officiant helped my husband to hand over our daughter into the new relationship. There was all kinds of symbolism to be seen in the way each person's hands were linked. For me at that moment a new family unit was created. I became a "Mother-in-Law" and I have to work out with our daughter and her husband what that role will involve.

It is not often that we are reminded in such a wonderful and dramatic way about taking up a new role. It made me stop to reflect how often in the past I have failed to notice I am taking up a new role and perhaps not given it the attention it deserved. I feel it is worth asking ourselves the question everyday, "Who am I today? What roles do I need to prepare for?" I shall certainly be paying attention to how I take up my new role as "Mother-in Law"; it is one which needs to be worked at!

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