Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Juggling in 3D 356: Reframing the Picture

Diane writes: "Recently I was working with a client who had become really stuck with a particular situation. She said it was impossible, she could not possibly find a way through that would enable her to make progress with what was a very complex and difficult issue. I had tried several different approaches through my questions in the hope she would find a way of unlocking her stuckness. Then I remembered something that one of our coaches had told me only the day before. It was a way of reframing the issue so that one could look at it and work with it from a different perspective.

Imagine yourself as a character in a film. In the film you are yourself, at this moment, with the issue you are feeling you can make no progress with. Change your role. Now you are watching the film from the projectionist's booth. As you watch tell the character in the film what she should do.

My client did this exercise and within a few moments she had seen from this objective perspective exactly what she needed to do. She became very animated and very directive with herself! She had asked me before the exercise to write down what she said to her celluloid self, which I did. She was very excited about what she had seen and about the advice she had given herself. Now she is busy acting on it!

We often wrestle with issues and feel there is no way forward. The way forward might be to take a step back and look in from a new perspective."

(This is shared with the permission of the client)

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