Monday, November 19, 2007

Juggling in 3D 357: Valuing intuition

Diane writes: "A couple of weeks ago I needed to contact one of our coaches. I called her home number, work number and mobile. Moments after I had left my last message my phone rang and it was the person I had been trying to call. She had just thought it would be good to talk with me - she had no idea I had left three messages! This is something that happens to me very often. A person comes into my mind and moments later they ring. I wake up thinking about someone, drop them a card and then find out that the card arrived at just the right moment for them. This is intuition.

Some people have trouble believing in intuition. They think it is about guessing or getting lucky. The same people have even more difficulty in trusting intuition. Facts are tangible, real and verifiable; intuition is hard to get hold of, perhaps even a bit fluffy.
I want to encourage you to use and develop your intuition. Listen to your own inner voice and to the other messages your body is sending out about the people you meet and speak with. I am not advocating using intuition alone; intuition needs to be backed up by facts. Intuition is an important way of knowing.

In coaching we use intuition a great deal. Good coaches offer insights from intuition to their clients without attachment. If the insight lands, the client can pick it up and develop the idea. Last week I was working with a client who was struggling to find a way forward. Suddenly the word - systemic - came into my mind, I held it back until I felt I had to offer my intuition to the client. 'I am wondering if this problem is systemic?' Pause and then the light came on for my client, 'Yes! That's it!' and off she went into exploring her ideas for organisational change. How can you better value intuition?"

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