Friday, January 30, 2009

Juggling in 3D 415: Angels, Hubs and Fans

Claire writes: 'There are so many internet based job sites that we are meeting an increasing number of people whose search for a job, or for their dream job, is happening from their keyboard. It's true that the internet can connect you to thousands of adverts. It's also true, as well, that some things are better done in person. After all, companies hire people more than CVs and a timely conversation can be far more productive than a speculative application.

The key question is not 'have you any vacancies/opportunities'. It is 'Tell me about your job', Who else do you know who I need to be talking to about...?'. We're often asked how to start finding people to talk to. The answer is talk to people! It goes like this. In the circle of people you know already, some will be:

Acquaintances: they know who you are

Fans: they know you and think you have something to offer

Hubs: they are fans and also know loads of people. They may not go out and tell the world about you, but they may be very willing to make some introductions to people you can talk to. Take them out for coffee and ask them who they know who you need to be talking to about x...

Angels: are rare and valuable beings. You may only have one or two angels. They are fans and think that the skills and experience you have are worth talking about. They will tell other people about you - only if they know what you're looking for! Keep them up to date - through conversations.

Research is important. Knowing what's available is important. And getting out and speaking to people is critical. If you try this, you'll find it's not cold calling, either.

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