Friday, March 05, 2010

3D Juggling 468: Hole in The Wall

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Claire writes: "I was with a group last week talking about finding the right fit job. Too often, I think, we imagine that a new job needs to be either the perfect fit or simply OK because at the moment any job will do.

It may be that finding a job that pays the bills is enough. But if you're going to find a role which can be an opportunity to use your strengths and passions and get paid for it, you may need to find a better fit. Once you've done some work to identify your skills and begun to explore which you are good at, which you are passionate about, and more importantly which are both, then it's time to find what might fit.

So how do we find out what will fit? Remember that the job doesn't have to be an exact fit - in fact that would mean there was no room for you to grow and develop. Your next job needs to be a good enough fit. It's rather like Hole in The Wall, the BBC entertainment show (if you're interested!). when the teams have to move to fit the shape of the hole coming at speed towards them. If they don't adapt to fit through the hole, they get knocked into a swimming pool. If they have to adapt too much, I imagine that it's both painful and unsustainable. On the show, you would not want to have to put your left leg by your right ear to fit. The same is true with a job!

So what is a good enought fit, for you?"

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