Thursday, April 01, 2010

3D Juggling 471: Seven Years On

Claire writes: "I had coffee last week with John who I had met for a ten minute conversation in 2003 after his job had been made redundant. He wanted to talk then about career change and finding the right fit... or at that stage, any fit. We've exchanged occasional emails and this was an opportunity to talk more.

He was hardly recognisable. The diminished and downtrodden man has transfomed into someone who, two jobs on, is confident and has begun to use skills he didn't know he had. It was a privilege to catch up on some of the missing parts of the story. Seven years ago he had no idea this kind of job existed and he has found something which is for him, truly vocational, working in a public sector organisation and having influence internationally.

For John, what had been important was being clear about skills that would make money and being willing to take a job which used them and provided for his family. And he held the vision. It was the second job which has harnessed his talents and passions.

Are you clear about what your skills are - and what are strengths and what are passions? Is your job harnessing these?'

If you want to explore these more, we are running a one day Masterclass on 5th June in Bletchley for anyone looking at beginning their career, or changing career. It will be a chance to gain clarity around what your vocational job might look like and how to begin to look for it. We've run similar events at One Life and Spring Harvest and this is a chance to invest in yourself for a whole day."

Love this? Do us a favour and send it to five people. Who thinks like you? You could send it to someone who is feeling diminished and downtrodden.

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