Monday, April 26, 2010

3D Juggling 475: The Art of Slowlyness 1

Claire writes: “I've been posting a few comments on Twitter about the art of slowlyness which have received some good feedback so I thought I would share them with you. Having spent six days at Spring Harvest where it was good to meet some of you, I have enjoyed sitting and mulling in the few days since I returned. Those trapped by volcanic ash seem to have taken two very different approaches to the chaos. Those with schedules and responsibilities have been desperately trying to find a way home. My parents did a 4 day rescue mission to the Spanish border to fetch my brother and his wife. Others who have less of a pressing agenda are sitting it out and enjoying a slower pace. I spoke to a colleague who thinks his Dad will be the last Brit home as he is enjoying the slow waiting pace so much!

Reflective thinkers seem to find it easy to make space in a busy schedule to think. Activists find it much more difficult because there is always something to be done. Different solutions fit different people, although I recognise in myself that my brand-new solution will only work for a season, although it will probably come back and be fit for purpose sometime in the future. I was reminded recently of an extrovert who wanted some thinking time. The thought of going on a quiet day or even a quiet hour was too much for him. Their solution was to take a few days out, and frequent the coffee shops of the nearby city. They were alone which gave them time to think, but in company and in the hustle and bustle of the city. It worked.

My thinking space is the Starbucks at our local motorway service station. I don’t meet anyone I know, I have my favourite seat and it gives me productive time to think. It doesn’t take long to download and get some clarity about what’s going on, what’s important, and what can be left.

Where do you practice the art of slowlyness?

We’d love to hear your ideas on this. Email to tell us how you practice the art of slowlyness.

Try it!

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