Monday, May 10, 2010

3D Juggling 477: Who speaks first?

Claire writes: "There was a rush in the UK on Friday to see who would be the first party leader to speak first after the election result produced no majority. David Cameron's team announced that he would make an announcement at 2.30. And Gordon Brown spoke first to reassure the nation that it still has leadership in the vacuum.

Who speaks first? That question is a focus for me this year in the conversations which I have. In a conversation between a manager and a member of staff, who speaks first can produce different outcomes and a different tone. In a meeting or a coaching conversation it can produce different focus. And in a mediation conversation or a negotiation, the order in which people speak also has an influence.

I was talking to a friend who is going to have their first conversation with a new manager. 'I want to do the talking first', he said: 'It's important to me that he knows what I am thinking. First.'

In the UK, who spoke to Nick first may impact politics and the economy for years to come. So might who spoke to the press before they spoke to the party.

There is no right or wrong answer as to who speaks first... but it's an important question!

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