Friday, June 25, 2010

3D Juggling 484: 70‑68 In the Final Set

Claire writes:  "Did you, like me, watch the end of the Isner/Mahut match more than once?  On Tuesday, on Wednesday several times... and again on Thursday?  183 games with each player attacking and defending in equal measure.  It was an impasse.

Isn't that what happens at work sometimes?  A colleague will comment or make a small criticism and the other person will defend themselves in a way that is aften received as an attack.  'I didn't mean it like that. I meant....' The dialogue continues.  Except that it is not dialogue. It's an impasse.  And the longer an impasse continues, the more there is to lose.  It becomes a battle of egos. Isner and Mahut were each representing themselves and their country.  At work, we are all mean to to be working in service of the organisation and what it is there for! And time, relationships and even money are spent in battles which are being fought and lost.

The tennis match was always going to end in win/lose.  Can you imagine them agreeing they could both win?! At work, we need to take a higher view, and consider what the organisation needs. And perhaps the dialogue comes out of the question: 'How can we...?'"

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