Monday, September 06, 2010

3D Juggling 491: A Time to Share.... and a time to stay quiet

Su writes: "I arrived very early at the office this morning in order to get some outstanding work completed. In a large open plan office there is just me and one other colleague, head down,  working.  I fly through my work but with a sense of calm and enjoyment which comes from the knowledge that I am not going to be interrupted. It is nice to have the quiet companionship of a co-worker. The only sounds come from the clicking of the keys and the gentle white noise of the office.

It crosses my mind that I should turn round and tell my colleague what a good way to work this is, without the interruptions and with this calming peace around..... then I realise that to do this would be to destroy it. I would become an interruption.

Best to keep that gem to myself. Knowing when and when not to share is my first lesson today."

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