Monday, June 13, 2011

3D Juggling 530: Thinking and Crying

Jane writes: "I read an article recently called ‘It is a crying shame we don’t weep more’.  It referred to research by Professor Gail Kinman who stated ‘Many people feel cleansed after a good cry’. 

According to a Tears Factsheet published by the College of Optometrists the tears brought about by emotion contain a different chemical make-up than other tears; they have more protein.  It has been suggested that by excreting these hormones in the form of tears, your body helps you feel calmer and less emotional afterwards.

So if someone you’re with needs to cry – let it happen.  Don’t judge them by their ability to ‘hold themselves together’, allow them to connect with and respond to their grief, anger, happiness or pain, and potentially benefit from doing so.

Nancy Kline understands this.  Read Chapter 9 in her book ‘Time to Think’ where she talks about how crying can make you smarter.

Kinman says ‘We cannot sustain strong emotions for very long and have to dampen them somehow.  A good cry is a great way of doing that.’

What can you do when someone needs to cry at work? Think about it..."

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