Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Juggling in 3D: 358 Seeing Things Differently

Diane writes: "It is the most perfect of November days here today. The sky is clear and blue and the sun is shining brightly. As I came in through the college just now I met one of our students who comes originally from the Congo. I said what a lovely day it and he looked puzzled. "It is freezing!" he said. "Yes, but it is lovely", I replied. His face broke into a wide smile, "You English and your weather!"

The thing was he and I were coming at our experience of the weather from different perspectives. He was longing for warmth and I was glad it wasn't raining.

In coaching it is good to come at issues from different perspectives in order to gather new insight into a perplexing situation. Time management is a particular area where a new perspective can transform a situation. I love diaries and year planners and enjoy keeping them up to date. Some of you reading this will be shuddering at the very mention of the word diary. A friend of mine desperately wanted to get her working schedule organized but found wall planners a real turn off. Instead she drew a picture of a river with tributaries and a beautiful fertile delta. There were bridges, a dam, stepping stone, lakes ponds and puddles. This became her wall planner for the coming months. Drawing this picture released her creativity and unblocked her stuckness. She could see where future bottlenecks were, where the dry, barren times might come and she could plan accordingly. She had thought her problem was an inability to plan, looking at it from a different perspective showed her she can plan very effectively, but the last thing she needs to help her is a sterile wall planner.

Are you saw you are looking at things from the best direction. What could a change of perspective do for you?"

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