Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Juggling in 3D 359: Strictly Come Swimming

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Claire writes: 'Remind me never to do the advanced driving test. My current attempt at improving my swimming has left me feeling like an early evictee of Strictly COme Dancing. Since the summer, I've been swimming at least three times a week and have never really mastered breastroke. I tried to find some videos to improve my stroke on the internet, but managed to find little of use beyond the spoof Synchronised Swimming 2004 clip on Some things are better done in person, so my birthday present was a couple of stroke improver lessons. The teacher was great. She affirmed that my arms were doing the right thing. My legs, she said needed improvement.

We spent half the lesson focussing on my legs until I was doing them well, with a float. Then it was time to put them together. It was good that the pool was empty! Three weeks on, I am still in that in between stage where I don't want to go back to bad habits, but I can only put the arms and legs together for a moment. "You're doing twice as many strokes as you need to. You're making it too complicated" said the teacher.

Simplicity is an art. The same is true when we work with people as they develop professionally and personally - through coaching or facilitation. It's often the simplest way of working which is most effective - but it can be the hardest to learn.'

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