Monday, December 17, 2007

Juggling in 3D 361: Happy Christmas

This is our last Juggling of 2007. We'll be back on January 7th 2008. Thank you for all your support through the year. We appreciate the way you pass on juggling to other people and bring new contacts into 3D. Thank you.

Diane writes: "I am really enjoying receiving our Christmas cards and letters. One of them contained the news that a very dear friend who lives in Australia is going to come and see us next autumn. I hadn't expected to see her again until my 60th birthday when we are going to drink a Gin Sling together in Raffle's Hotel in Singapore. In another message newly married daughter is asking if I will share puddings with her at the Clutterbuck family lunch on Christmas Eve - she can't decide between Chocolate Torte and a local cheese board so will I order one and we'll share? Hang on; don't I get to choose a pud at all? No because I'm mum and mums just share. That's OK then.

Two snippets from today's inbox which made me feel very good about myself and the world - and there is still a pile of cards to read later!

I am not going to give you any tips for surviving the next week because I don't want you just to survive; I want you to flourish as you prepare to spend time with friends and family. You cannot get a litre into a pint pot, so don't even try, just do what you can to make this Christmas time special for you and for those with whom you will share it. Whatever Christmas means for you we hope that it will be a time of peace and joy."

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