Monday, January 07, 2008

Juggling in 3D 362: New Years Transformation

Diane Writes: "Happy New Year to all our subscribers! We hope you all had the kind of Christmas celebrations you were hoping for.

2008 is here and many of you are sitting at your desks on your first day back at work. No doubt some of you will have been thinking about New Year Resolutions and making fresh starts. I would like to offer you a challenge for 2008. What one thing would you have to change in order to transform your life or work this year?

It may sound like a tall order or even an impossible dream, but it is possible to make just one change and trigger a real transformation. It might be something in your personal life, or it might be about how you organise or use your working time.

I have a friend who is a Senior Executive who was always complaining that he never had time to think. His desk was piled high with articles and books he wanted to read but he never got round to it because other things always crashed in on his thinking /reflecting/reading time. Three years ago he made a change to the way he works. One day every month he goes to a hotel for the day. He arrives at 8am for breakfast, then he finds a comfortable sofa and he settles down to read, think and reflect. He stays until 6pm. During that day his laptop is used only for recording his thoughts and reflections, he does not check his e-mail and his phone is switched off. He is on retreat.

At first it was hard for him to guard his retreat days, now it has become a habit which is nourishing and life giving to him. He is up to date with his reading and often impresses his colleagues with his ideas and insights. He speaks of that change he made to his monthly schedule as transformational for him and for his organisation.

What change could you make?"

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