Friday, June 06, 2008

Juggling in 3D 383 Taking all of you to work

Thanks to those of you on LinkedIn who took the time to answer our question: What are the benefits of faith in the workplace? We received loads of responses from those of different faiths and none. We also discovered that if you ask a question on LinkedIn it goes way beyond your own contacts list!

'Claire writes: Stonewall say - People perform better when they can be themselves.
People work more effectively when they can bring themselves to work. No employer in their right mind would ask their employees to leave their brain outside! So it's interesting that there can be mixed reactions to people bringing their spirituality or faith to work. Of course we are all primarily employed to do a good job, but there can be huge added value in allowing people to acknowledge their spiritual side at work - whether or not it is connected to faith.

A fellow coach responded to my question by saying: Anyone can experience peace, unconditional love, forgiveness and experience the joy of the present moment regardless of faith, creed, religion, race ... perhaps we just need spiritual intelligence.

In fact, Ian Mitroff did some research in the US which he wrote up in his book 'Spiritual Audit of Corporate America'which discovered that companies that acknowledged spiritual values and aligned them with corporate goals outperformed those who did not.
Are you expecting people to bring all of themselves to work?'

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