Friday, June 27, 2008

Juggling in 3D 386: Powerful Stories

Jeremy writes: 'On a “Whatever Next…?” day, participants are invited in turn to tell something of their own stories at the beginning of the day. This acts as an introduction both to themselves, and also the issues which they have come to address in a beautiful and resourceful setting. This week we were in a box at Lords.

Frequently, when we have finished doing that, there is enthusiastic comment over coffee on the sheer power of the process, the process of telling out loud, with intense listening, a very personal perspective on the person’s own life. The stories come from experience and the authors, feeling in a safe place, tell it just as they see it and feel it. The power comes from a sense of authority which always accompanies a true story – ie when the author is authentic.

We usually are authentic (Greek root – genuine, and of undisputed origin) and speak with authority ( Latin root – powerful) when we speak as the author (Latin root – to originate).
We would be much more effective verbally if we told parts our own story much more often… and stayed authentic, without adding any spin! Such integrity adds a sure-footedness and confidence to our daily walk.'

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