Thursday, July 03, 2008

Juggling in 3D 387: Saving the Collective Story

Claire writes: "Last week, Jeremy talked about the power of stories. At a recent IOD Breakfast, Martin Bell spoke compellingly about the shift in the UK governments attitude to war since (at that time) no members of the cabinet have been in active service. He pointed out that the government has lost the collective story that is important in them making informed decisions on behalf of the country.

How do we retain the story? By retelling it and by experiencing it. The Jewish people retell the story through the sabbath meal. Christians retell the story through the eucharist. How do organisations retell the story?

Experiencing a story gives its own insights. I have never been truly poor, but having lived amongst the poor in a rural African village, my understanding of the issues facing the poor has been changed forever. I carry their story with me. Tesco require their managers to work on the shop floor from time to time to experience the stories of both customers and the workers on the shop floor.

The collective story is important. How do you keep it alive as it develops into the future - in your work and in your family?"

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