Friday, July 11, 2008

Juggling in 3D 388: Long Grass

Claire writes: "We ran the Race For Life in the rain. I finished in 31 minutes 39 seconds. A personal best (by nearly 6 minutes). My friend kept reminding me that I recently wrote that it's good not to run too early, so I didn't! We ran on Jesus Green in Cambridge and the middle of the race was through what can only be described as a meadow. Like most people, I walked this part.

After avoiding rabbit holes and getting wet trainers in the long grass, coming back to short grass was a gift and each of us had a much faster finish as a result. Slowing down meant that we enjoyed the finish, and I am even committed now to working towards a 10km run. If I had run flat out the whole way, I would have collapsed and lost motivation.

I am wondering whether that is true at work? And in education. Did you ever slog to the end of exams and promise: 'Never again?' It's OK to slow down and walk through the long grass of a project as it may well give you a better finish and motivation to start another!

Although I'm still not convinced the clock was right! But we celebrated anyway! And it's not too late to sponsor us"

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