Friday, October 24, 2008

Juggling in 3D 402: Optimising Time

Claire writes: "Did you know that on average HR professionals spend 3.4 hours every week managing conflict at work? This is one of the findings from a new survey report on conflict management quoted by CIPD this month.

What would be possble if we could spend that time doing something more productive because conflict was dealt with before it got out of control? I've been in two different organisations this week where the managers are spending an inordinate amount of time dealing with conflict. That's time not spent doing something else. When people lock horns, the problem has become intractable and the metaphorical head to head allows absolutely no space to move or to think. That's where there is enormous value of bringing in a third person. What happens when you add a third side to a 2 sided shape? The triangle offers room to manouvre and to think so that a constructive and healthy way forward can be found. Too often, organisations leave these communication difficulties until they are stuck. Much earlier conversations can provide a much more cost effective and fruitful outcome. Is it time to add a third side to a conversation you are having?"

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