Monday, October 06, 2008

Juggling in 3D 399: Bookshops

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Claire writes: 'I missed a train last week and ended up at Kings Cross with 40 minutes to spare. There are no cafes at Kings Cross so I wandered over to St Pancras and found myself window shopping and then browsing in Foyles.

It's amazing what you find when you wander round a bookshop. Did you know that you can now buy a notebook that looks like the Ladybird books you may have had as a child? And Penguin have re-released classics for only £2 each in old fashioned covers. I was actually looking for the ideal diary. This is such a different experience from buying online. I managed to come out without spending any money, but I know that some of my favourite authors have new books out in hardback, and my wishlist is growing! When I buy from Amazon, there is a lot I miss.

If it's time to rethink your career and look for something new and different, window shopping can be hugely helpful. If I asked you to write down 50 different jobs (not employers) you thought you could do, you'd probably struggle. And there are thousands of different job titles - over 12000 if you take the research seriously!

If you only window shop for jobs online or in your own professional journal, you'll miss out. Think of the interesting books you've read. Some will have come by personal recommendation, finding a good cover in the library, picking them up on a train, as well as surfing on the internet. So when it's time to window shop for jobs, try asking friends: what 20 jobs could you see me doing? Get the Guardian and your local paper every day for 2 weeks and browse. Browse for the interesting parts of the job adverts which inspire you. They are all clues which will help you find the elusive next step.'

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