Monday, November 17, 2008

Juggling in 3D 405: Father Christmas

Lynn writes: 'Recently my 9 year old daughter Iona asked a question I had hoped we would delay for another year: "Is there really a Father Christmas?” I knew I could put the truth off no longer as the same query had happened in different forms several times in recent weeks. So biting the bullet I told her that Father Christmas is a magical story that parents tell young children and that no there is no white bearded man who shrinks to come down the chimney.

She was distraught and immediately knew that the tooth fairy and Easter bunny were likely to be equally fictious. When she calmed down, to my surprise, what was really bothering her was that without magic she would never be able to fly! When we looked at it another way things seemed much more possible - after all her great Grandma would never have believed she would fly in an aeroplane nor that anyone would ever get to the moon but both happened in her life time. All we need to make these things happen is imagination, drive and the ability to think laterally, all of which Iona has in abundance, so who knows!

Where do you need to think laterally?'

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Anonymous said...

There is obviously a network for 9 year olds as I have had the same conversation with mine in the last few weeks. Although she has not extended the conversation to the tooth fairy. Lauren's main worry was that if she knew the truth and admitted it, there would be no presents from Father Christmas! We had a long chat about believing in the magic and wonder of it anyway and we will carry on our family traditions. But it is a sad day when you realise your child is growing up fast.... Emma