Thursday, November 20, 2008

Juggling in 3D 406: Bananagrams

Thanks to everyone who responded to Lynn's insights on lateral thinking and Father Christmas last week.

Claire writes: 'The prospect of Christmas Shopping is looming large on the horizon. A friend has decided to buy everyone Bananagrams and it is a great word game which we were introduced to by my colleague Jeremy.

Suitable for adults and children, faster than Scrabble, everyone plays at their own pace and to win you constantly dismantle your words and make them into something better. If you get too attached to a word that looks good, it can block you from getting to the end of the game. The only use our mini surf boards got on holiday last year was as makeshift tables to play bananagrams. You can even take it out to a restaurant and play while waiting for your meal.

This is not a sales pitch for the game because what's interesting is that every player has the resources they need to create words - and access to new letters is freely available if you trade in your unuseable letters. But you have to be willing to dismantle words and organise them differently. It's the same as getting to a new start in our career - we have the resources or access to resources - but sometimes we can only move forward if we leave some of the things we are attached to behind.'

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Anonymous said...

There is an online version of Bananagrams:

The online version has many outstanding features that improve upon the original game. Players have the option of solo play (either at one's leisure or racing against the clock) or sending a challenge to a friend. There is also a feature that offers the option of playing a live game, and players can communicate via text, as well as sneak a peek at their opponents' boards. this really adds excitement to the game.

The online game also has a store, where players can cash in their hard-earned credits for spiffy new tiles and boards, sure to make their friends jealous. There are also opportunities to earn achievements and virtual trophies.

I definitely recommend this game to fans of the original Bananagrams, Scrabble, and crossword puzzles!