Friday, December 05, 2008

Juggling in 3D 408: Fountains

There's a reply to the Bananagrams Juggling on the blog to say that it's on a new application on Facebook. Dangerous! On a more serious note, we've been asked to run an Action Learning Set Facilitator Training in Manchester in February. Would you be interested? Do let us know asap.
Lynn writes: 'The other day I was working with someone who had an idea about making some changes and developing her team. However, everything she went on to say about what she wanted to be different was what was already happening! To help her look at new possibilities I asked her to choose an object to signify her wonderful new team working. She went on to describe a multicoloured dancing fountain. Using this image she was able to explore and clarify how she needed the staff skills to vary from generalist to specialist at different times and that she wasn’t a water spout but needed to be the water faucet providing energy, strength and direction. As a result she realised to get adequate water pressure she needed a pump and a deputy.

Metaphor can help us to look at old situations in a very new way. Claire came up with an image in a conversation recently, describing 3D as a chocolate shop. She told a few people and they all unwittingly asked different questions about the chocolate that helped her unlock some new and exciting ideas. So if you're stuck with a situation, find an image to describe it and then see what happens when you explore it.

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