Thursday, November 27, 2008

Juggling in 3D 407: Extravagant Thinking

Claire writes: 'The Maths teacher in me loves to listen to people deciding whether to go for the lowest common denominator decision or the highest common factor. Too often in organisations when a group decision is needed, we end up with something nearer the lowest common denominator which doesn't necessarily mean the best decision. Put 6 people together and it would be lovely to see them thinking with more than 600% of the thinking of one person. What makes it feel like 60%, I wonder?

At the moment the pressure of meeting costs and deadlines at work can make staff feel under even more pressure to make quick and consensual decisions. And thinking extravangantly of the very best possible solution doesn't necessarily mean more money. So in the next few decisions you need to make, see what ideas you get when you think extravagantly!

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