Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Juggling in 3D 410: Overfull

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Claire writes: 'This Juggling has been mulling for a couple of days as I finish off work to begin the Christmas break. I now realise that it's relevant in three ways - in coaching, at work and at Christmas.

Now that petrol has come down in price, I am slightly less attached to my 5p a litre off vouchers and have stopped filling up again when the tank doesn't need it. The reality is that if you keep on filling up a petrol tank, instead of supplying the power to move the vehicle, you are creating a fire hazard.

In coaching, if you keep asking good questions without letting your client use the one you already asked, that is also a hazard.

At work, if you keep saying yes to work and have to bust a gut to finish it, that's another hazard.

And at Christmas, if you keep on buying that extra something you think you might just need, you may be finding you then have to overconsume to use it all up.

Fortunately, the petrol pump cuts out when enough is enough. Happy Christmas!

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