Monday, January 05, 2009

Juggling in 3D 411: Helicopter View

Happy New Year from all the team at 3D Coaching.

Claire writes: "We celebrated new year in Cologne and flew back to the UK late on Friday evening. Flying around London in the dark we were able to identify landmarks and get a good understanding of exactly where we were and what was happening. A very different experience from lunchtime on Friday when we were looking for somewhere to have lunch and wandered all over the place before finding somewhere to eat. It would have been handy to have had a helicopter to rise above the city and see where we really were!

Too often we get so close to the situation that we're in that we lose perspective. Rising above a situation - like we did in the plane - can help us to see things completely differently. So next time you feel stuck, imagine rising above the situation in a helicopter. As you get above the situation, what other people can you see who are also stakeholders? What other options come into view? Try it!
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