Friday, February 13, 2009

Juggling in 3D 417: Stakeholders

Claire writes: 'I dream of a morning when I get up and don't have to check that the road is clear and that the school is open. That's because there are more people involved in this snow day thing than just the girls. Mike couldn't get to work some days either, so we were all here. I was working in the office. He was in the dining room. Sue couldn't come to work because her kids were off... and there was no room to fit her in here! It wasn't exclusively about the school and the girls.

The danger in a 1-1 conversation in coaching or in a Action learning Set is that the conversation can become exclusively about the client or the presenter. Who are the other stakeholders in what that person is thinking about? Their team, colleagues, organisation, family, customers, parishioners, patients...?

The effective conversation takes account of all the stakeholders: So what will be a good outcome from today for you? What about your organisation? Or your team?

Until we work with the client in their world, we are only making a partial contract. This is the same in conversations with friends and colleagues. As John Donne said 'No man is an island, entire of itself...''

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