Monday, February 23, 2009

3D Juggling 418: Kick the Cat

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Claire writes: 'How many times have you come out of a meeting and wanted to kick the cat? Or gone to the water cooler with a friend and said "$£&%£$*&*%%&£$% That ALWAYS happens..." Even organisations and groups that are involved in learning rarely reflect on how they work together because we are so caught up in what we are working on. And when reflection does happen, it's because there has been a problem and something needs to be done.

What will be possible if, at the end of every meeting - even board meetings - the members take 5-10 minutes to notice what went well about how we worked together? And is there anything we need to do differently? Even better - imagine what it will then be like when people leave a meeting with a new insight which they haven't had before?'

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