Monday, March 23, 2009

3D Juggling 422: Whirlpools

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Claire writes: "How often do we get in the way when we are listening to other people at work? As soon as we start thinking 'Oh really', 'Oh dear', 'Oh no...', we begin to get hooked into the story which we are hearing. And if the teller is feeling in a whirlpool, there's a high risk that we'll jump into the whirlpool as well!

Using a coaching approach at work means keeping out of the whirlpool. Keeping out! Because once we jump in, we both start to thrash about looking for a solution and a way forward. The coaches ability to help their colleague explore the situation from a new perspective is dependent on them being objective. And when the temptation is to dive in and rescue your colleague, consider what will happen next time they find a similar problem. Unless this is an emergency, it is usually far more productive to work with your colleague to come to a good solution themselves. The skill is to help them to see a way forward - by listening and helping them to see their situation differently."

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