Friday, April 03, 2009

3D Juggling 424: Them and me

Claire writes: "Someone came for a Career Makeover yesterday who we had met at One Life. He thinks he has a boring job, and wanted to be able to unpick the skills he is using so that he can communicate them clearly to get a completely different kind of job. Leadership may be a skill, like customer service - but until you can describe clearly how you lead or support customers, you're only giving half the story. And it's how you use your skills that is your unique selling point, or your Magic Seats.

So if you're stuck and struggling to communicate, try this: Imagine that you are sitting next to someone who does exactly the same job as you and has a very similar background. The difference is that you are really good at your job, and they are not! Now describe your skills - and make sure that you distinguish yourself from them."

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