Saturday, April 11, 2009

3D Juggling 425: Stretch Limo

It was great to meet a number of you at Spring Harvest in the last couple of weeks.
Claire writes: "I have chipped a bone in my foot, and can't drive long distances so Clare drove my car for me last week. Her first manouvre was to reverse out of her drive onto a busy road. By the time we got to our destination she'd only stalled once early on, and was rather enjoying my car! A stretch, but less of a stretch from upgrading from a Smart car to a stretch limo, or driving a left hand drive car. At the same time I had to learn how to drive a mobility scooter!

The reality is that we both know how to drive. Changing cars or contexts is different and uses the basic skill of driving. At first it can feel uncomfortable, but with practice we soon become fluent and recognise that it wasn't so far after all. Sometimes we need some help - like reverse parking a limo, but the basic principles are similar! Starting to do something new - at work or as a volunteer rarely involves starting from nothing. We always bring skills and experiences from other parts of our lives, some of which will transfer into a new context. We just need to know what they are! Do you know what your transferable skills are?

PS Interestingly, downsizing to a mobility scooter was harder than changing car! Foot improving!"

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