Monday, May 11, 2009

3D Juggling 428: Show the working out

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Claire writes: "One of the few things I remember from my first career as a Maths teacher is the importance of showing the working out. When the girls ask me to look at a piece of homework and it only has the answer, I have no idea how they got there. It's hard to help them work out what to do next, and they won't get any marks for getting the method right either. Showing the working out is equally important in one to one conversations. Especially if it's an encounter where there is one conversation going on out loud and a second in your head.

Showing the working out only works when it is done without judgement! 'I notice that there's some anger around this', 'I wonder whether that might get in the way when you go for that interview...'. Or, as one of our readers emailed the other day - get the person you are talking with to show their working out as well: 'I try more and more to close conversations with questions trying to sensitively ask someone to explain what message they think I have been trying to convey to them - the results are sometimes quite astonishing'.

Try it!"

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