Friday, May 15, 2009

3D Juggling 429: 1930s Austin

It's been quite a week with the Redundancy Makeover in Letchworth on Saturday after two days away for ten of the 3D Coaching team. We have updated our resources on Writing a CV and creating a skills matrix. Take a look on the website. Lynn is further developing her supervision skills and looking for five more coaches who would like supervision. This will be at a much reduced rate. Contact to find out more. And we introduce Jane Sandwith who will be joining 3D from 1st July.

Jane writes: "I was sorting through a box of papers left by my father when I found a garage chart for Austin 16 & 20 hp six cylinder models, circa 1930. It’s a beautiful chart and I’ve had it framed and display it in my kitchen. It has become a metaphor that helps me to understand the approach I often find myself taking when working in organisations. In the centre of the chart is a detailed diagram of an Austin car, showing all the components and how they intersect. At critical points there are symbols. The key to these symbols describes whether these points should be oiled or greased, and whether weekly or monthly. Some of them just need to be given ‘attention’.

Organisations are complex systems, with teams and individuals whose responsibilities and activities intersect. Sometimes they rub against each other and experience friction. It can be difficult to find the right kind of oil or grease, the type that will release tension and conflict to allow the system to work effectively and efficiently. Often the lubrication needed is a simple but brave conversation, maybe the result of finding a different way of presenting a point of view, or stating a need.

How many different types of oil or grease can you draw on?"

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