Monday, June 01, 2009

3D Juggling 431: The Sock Drawer

Claire writes: 'Last time I travelled to my own office to work I was 8 months pregnant with a child who is now 5 foot 9! The next office was the bedroom in a small terraced house, and the desk was the chest of drawers. The only way to type was to rest the keyboard in the sock drawer! More recently, we've been in a puprpose built home office. How have we grown 3D? Not by setting goals. For us, the way to develop is to have conversations that seem to be important and, from time to time, to come up for air and notice what's going on. In fact, our decision to expand into new premises was the result of a conversation at our team awayday.

Some people are driven by goals and yet they demotivate others. David Megginson at Sheffield Hallam has dome some interesting research . For some, goals are like a carrot - something motivating and exciting to aim for. For others, they are like a stick - painful and punishing. What's important is that we develop in a way that allows creativity and innovation to flourish.

Do goals work for you? If they don't, what do you need in order to floourish and develop?'
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Christine B said...

Interesting post Claire - definitely echoes my own experiences of the way goals evolve over time rather than starting as rigid planned tasks. Liked the linked article - in my opinion SMART goals are good for team target setting in a work environment and there is no doubt some people thrive on them for almost everything but I much prefer a less structured approach wherever possible.