Friday, June 05, 2009

3D Juggling 432: Words

Thanks to everyone for feedback on last week's juggling. It seems that there is a sizeable group of people who don't find goals helpful! Can you help us? We're looking for a couple of organisations to partner with us in the North and in the South West. If you're based in either area and would love to run a coaching skills programme in your organisation, but find the cost a barrier, call Claire on 0845 458 0154 to talk about partnering with us in running Coaching for Excellence for your people and opening up some spaces for external delegates. You get all the income which they bring in. Also a reminder that there are still places on the Action Learning course in London at the end of June.

Elizabeth writes: "Politics is a hot topic this week! A politician was in the news again for controversial remarks made in frustration with a reporter. For days he was hounded for an apology. Even if he didn’t intend to offend, he did.

The way we use language is always important. We are responsible for how we are heard as well as what we say. Our tone of voice and body language all contribute, and even when no malice is intended, these can lead to misunderstandings. As individuals, we all have different views, cultures and ethics and what offends one may be nothing to another. As living beings we have specific needs, feelings, values and opinions. We can cause injury and hurt through our careless concern or lack of empathy for the other.

The challenge is to communicate in a way that is heard and understood by someone so even if the message is difficult to hear, it does not deliberately offend. This can only come from dialogue rooted in self-esteem and a genuine sense of equality with the other person – an intention to connect with the other through mutual respect.

We can listen patiently and seek the truth that other people’s opinions may contain for us. Think it possible that we may be mistaken! Otherwise, differences + tension = conflict. How are you heard by colleagues?"

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