Friday, June 26, 2009

3D Juggling 435: New Bathroom

Claire writes: 'I simply noticed that the lino in the shower room had come unstuck. When we lifted it, the floor was soaking wet and black and mouldy. After 3 weeks, we isolated the source of the leak - a drip from the cistern. The loss adjuster says it will cost £2000 to make good the damage and the shower will have to be taken out to replace the floor and a wall. All because we have a boxed in cistern and never saw the drip. I had noticed some discolouring on the lino and put it down to excess trampling on with muddy shoes! Had the cistern been visible, the same problem would have been noticed in days and resolved for a few pounds. It has probably been dripping for several years.

How much time do you spend dealing with damage in your organisation? We have all met people who fly off the handle at the slightest thing, and then leave others dealing with the consequences. That's damaging. And you can see it. What can be just as damaging is the drip of dissatisfaction and complaints and unhappiness that is under the surface. It may be whispered. It may be unsaid. Unless there is a safe place to communicate well, it can be as damaging as the drip in our bathroom. It wasn't the drip that caused the damage. It was the way the architect had designed the room.

What's causing your damage?

If you want to know more about water, fire and wind damage in teams, read 'The Four Elements of Success' by Laurie Beth Jones.

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