Monday, July 06, 2009

3D Juggling 436: Hold your nerve

Claire writes: 'The broken foot is now healed, but the memory of 2 weeks in a Butlin's mobility scooter is still firmly alive. The first evening we were there I was trying to get back to my accommodation at 10.30pm after a long day's work and finding going up and down pavements a challenge to my driving! A helpful member of staff pointed out a traffic barrier on the road and told me that if I drove towards it, the barrier would lift up and allow me through. And there was the challenge. If he was right I'd get back in extra quick time. And if he was wrong, I would have a long drive in my scooter to get back onto the pavements. So I slowly drove up to the barrier which was about level with my nose. They're designed for lorries, so it only lifted when I was within millimetres. But it did lift and I carried on my journey!

That was certainly a case of holding my nerve even though I was unsure about what would happen next. That's what needs to happen in effective conversations at work. Sometimes we need to open a conversation without the security of knowing the other 5 bullet points which we have as our comfort in a notebook and trust our colleague and the process. Because then our colleague will find the way forward with our support rather than our solution. And because you won't know what will happen next, you will need to hold your nerve. And in doing that you are demonstrating trust which is a very powerful thing.

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