Monday, July 20, 2009

3D Juggling 438: It's not what you know

In the autumn, we will be launching two supervision groups for coaches who wish to develop in the art of coaching. For managers using coaching in organisations and for independent coaches, these will be each be facilitated by two of our trained coaching supervisors. One group will meet at our office in North Herfordshire. The other at a venue to be decided by you... let us know if you'd like to join either group by emailing

We're also delighted to let you know that the first course: How to Not Need Mediation will be held on 15th October in response to huge demand from managers eager to improve communication in their teams. More details on the website.

Claire writes: "Graduates are finding it increasingly hard to enter the work place and there are 70+ applicants for every job. Having the knowledge is no longer enough. What else can you do to increase your chances of at least getting an interview? One way is through volunteering strategically. Where would you really like to work? Go and talk to them and offer to work as a volunteer for, say, 3 months in exchange for a reference. It won't get you there straight away, but it's a start..."

Love this? Do us a favour and send it to five people. Who thinks like you? You could send it to someone who has a gap on their CV.

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