Monday, July 13, 2009

3D Juggling 437: Spinning Coffee

Jane writes: "I was working round my kitchen table a few days ago with Claire and Lynn. Two of us were reflecting on a business meeting from which we had just returned, and between us we were working on two documents that had to be completed that day that may give 3D access to some new clients. We were running on all motors.

It was a hot day and time for another drink. Claire asked if I had any ‘real’ coffee. Lynn laughed, because what Claire didn’t know was that what works for her (caffeine) doesn’t work for me. Lynn was remembering the time when I drank a glass of coca cola and a coffee in a restuarant one Wednesday evening (both drinks I never usually touch) and then spent the night awake and couldn’t function at all the next day! Claire had to make do with a cup of tea.
On reflection, maybe what works for Claire could work for me - if I put my own spin on it. A small bar of chocolate maybe...

As a coach I avoid telling my clients what I would do in their situation – even if they ask me. What I am willing to do if they get stuck is offer them a suggestion, which they can dismiss or ‘spin’ until it makes sense in their world.

When did you last set someone spinning?"

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