Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3D Juggling 441: Suspend Judgement

Claire writes: 'The majority of my holiday has been spent decorating now that the builders have left our house. The dilemma is always to be neutral - or brave. We decided to paint two of the kitchen walls teal - a dark bluey green: and then spent several days wondering whether the ideas was crazy. The only way to find out was to try. The tester pot wasn't much help so we invested the money and bought a can of paint and put it on. Only after the second coat has it proved to be a brilliant idea. If we'd said 'too dark' 'too blue' 'not kitcheny enough' at the beginning, we would be living in a magnolia kitchen! We had to suspend judgement while we looked at different ideas.

When people go window shopping for new career ideas, or take time with colleagues to generate new ideas at work, it's all too easy to come up with an idea and the reason why we can't/ shoudn't/ won't do it in the same breath. Until we suspend judgement we end up with magnolia answers. Generating ideas first and then analysing answers later can maintain and develop our creativity - and hence possibility. 'We would like to paint the kitchen teal but it might be too dark' turned into ' we would like to... and if it's too dark we will paint it again'

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