Monday, September 21, 2009

3D Juggling 446: The Moors in the morning

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Claire writes: 'Travelling over the moors into Sheffield early in the morning last week was beautiful. Crisp and bright with an azure blue sky, it was a very different experience from my last journey on that road which I have written about before. That night had been dark and wet and at the end of a long day, even with Satnav, the journey was stressful. I can now tell you that there are two junctions on the road that can take you by surprise and I am confident that I would be fine now driving in the dark up there.

Finding your way in the pitch dark is far easier when you are familar with the route in the light. That's what we do every day: Talk with individuals or groups and help them see their context in the light of day... so that when they return to their workplace they see it in a different way. You can learn to take a different perspective yourself. You may need to get away from the day to day stuff at work to do that. Think about the situation as you see it and then consider it as other people see it. If you're visual, try drawing a diagram of all the players in the story and look at the situation from each of their perspectives. If you're in a coffee shop, try using the sugar to map out what's going on! Because our level of confidence to manage difficult situations increases when we have a broader understanding of what the situation looks like.'

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