Friday, October 02, 2009

3D Juggling 447: That Monday Morning Feeling

Claire writes: "In last Saturday's Casualty on BBC1, the plot unfolded by different players telling their part of the same story. At work, how often do we tell the story for someone else through interpretation, assumption, presumption or simply for speed? The same facts can look completely different when told from different perspectives.

Last Sunday, I woke up in the night to hear Mike make a terrible noise, and saw him sit up and fall out of bed unconscious. Once I had established that he really was unconscious and not asleep, I dialled 999. Until we arrived at the hospital, he was still very incoherent and so I told the story of what I saw and heard to the ambulance crew and the medics. Once he came round and said he had cramp in his leg, it was a couple of hours while they made sure he hadn't had a stroke. All the tests were fine and home and the cool light of morning revealed a large bump on his head. Recovered from the shock of the night's events, he had remembered his side of the story. Woke up with awful cramp, sat up to stretch, fell out of bed and knocked himself out. Same facts. Different perspective. And far less serious although painful.

How can we empower people in our organisations to tell their own story?"

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