Monday, November 02, 2009

3D Juggling 451: Sore feet

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Claire writes: 'I walked my 20 miles with Tim last Monday as part of his 180 mile trek to raise money for The Severn Hospice. Do sponsor him I thought I was quite fit. After all, I go to the gym several times a week and my last fitness MOT said I was as fit as a 19 year old!

There were three pieces of learning.

1 The pain barrier can last hours (or days)
2 Training for an hour does not necessarily prepare you for a full day
3 Take care how you bring in a new team member

We had walked 8 miles at a steady pace before stopping at a pub to wait for Tim's son. Unfortunately the pub was hard to find and we were stopped for too long. We never fully recovered from that stop. Charlie brought enthusiasm and a faster pace which meant that we took a little while to find a pace to suit us all. The wait and the change of pace meant that we oldies found the last 3-4 miles very very hard.

Waiting too long for a new team member to come along can cripple organisations. If you're in that position at work, what can you do to keep moving forward - enough - as you wait for them to arrive so that their integration isn't painful for you, for them and for the organisation? And how do we harness the enthusisasm of a new team member whilst ensuring that the organisation is also able to fulfil it's objectives - with the whole team?

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