Monday, December 07, 2009

3D Juggling 456: Fairy tales?

Jane writes: "Once upon a time there was a tyrannical boss who made all they came into contact with shiver and shake with fear and frustration. They ruled their empire harshly, banishing anyone who challenged their authority....

Once upon a time there was a confused team. Generally it was happy and effective, but every now and then things went wrong. This tended to happen whenever the team agreed to do something new. An experienced member of the team, who was very knowledgeable and did many things well, would complain about it and undermine the good intentions of her colleagues. The other team members didn’t know how to stop her and were waiting for a knight in shining armour to come along and put things right for them....

A recent article in People Management magazine discussed the benefits of using fairy story metaphors to describe unacceptable behaviour – powerful but maybe not comfortable for everyone.

We find that the DiSC profiling tool offers safe language that can be used to discuss difficult people issues, and to develop helpful responses. DiSC provides 15 classic profile patterns, one of which will fit an individual better than others, while recognising that they are unique. Learning how my profile is different, or similar, to yours can help me to understand why we impact on each other in the way we do – and how we could choose to adapt our behaviour when this would help to make our interactions more successful. Successful could mean less stressful, quieter, that long standing issues are addressed, or just that we enjoy them more.

Do you have a fairy tale that needs happy ending? Ask us how DiSC could help you to write it.

(See p.42 of People Management, the magazine of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 19 November 2009)

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Amy Deane said...

Hi Claire
I love this metaphor. Interestingly, I tried out a shamanic ritual recently with the aim of shifting a pattern which wasn't serving me well. During the visualisation process, I spontaneously saw myself as Cinderella, pleasing and helping others, whilst leaving myself in a state of 'poverty'. My mind replaced this with a scene of a fairytale feast of abundance, with myself presented as the princess! Pictures and stories are somehow less threatening, and are also a powerful way of illustrating a situation without the words coming out wrong and causing offence.

Claire said...

Telling the truth through story can really transform how we see it - and of course how it's received by others.