Thursday, January 28, 2010

3D Juggling 462:Running Stapling Clematises and Planned Neglect

At last we have put the final 3D Jugglings up on the website and made our 3D Toolbox which is full of resources and ideas even easier to use. Over the last ten years, we have told many stories in a bid to share ideas, insights and questions to support you manage work well and still have a life. So once a month we will be sharing highlights from the archives.

There have been a fair few 3D Jugglings about Time Management including ideas about stapled weeks, clematises and planned neglect. One that people remember well is Graham's advice 'Don't run too early'. Read more from the Time Management toolbox

3D Juggling 375: Don't Run Too Early

Claire writes: 'Try the 400m on the Olympics on the Nintendo Wii, and you can fail to finish if you don't take enough breath at the beginning. For the last week, the papers have been full of tips to marathon runners about how to last the full 26 miles. I was co-facilitating a couple of weeks ago with a man who used to be a professional footballer. As we dashed around the room with a microphone listening to people's comments, I commented that I seemed to always be the one running to the back of the room! "Ah", said Graham, "that's because I learned in football never to run too early!"

Graham ran the Barcelona marathon last month. He told me that they timed every mile to make sure that they got to the finish. Quick starts in marathons are impressive, but only if they can be sustained to the finishing line!

Enthusiasm for a new project or a new job can make us want to get off to a running start. But if we want to be able to manage our energy and to be able to complete well, 'Don't run too early' is good advice. "

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