Friday, January 29, 2010

3D Juggling 463: Customer Service

Claire writes: 'Why is it that I have just received the best customer service ever from the doctor's receptionist? And I'm still annoyed? I had to book a blood test this week and went to the counter to book an appointment. The first response was: 'You'll have to wait for two weeks.' When I asked whether there was anything I could do to speed that up, I was told: 'You could go to the hospital and queue.' I think I must have pulled an 'Oh, no' face. Then the receptionist said: 'Or you could go to the cottage hospital in 2 days time. They have an appointment at 2.33pm and I can book you in now.'

At work - and at home - we only get one go at having a conversation well. If we don't communicate well, then we begin the next one with a level of negativity on both sides. That lady gave me what I wanted and more. But after two interventions which I received as negative and unhelpful I am still left knowing she was excellent. And feeling that she was grumpy.

That's why we advocate real play - when you have the conversation you need to have with a colleague or a customer out loud. In advance. Then you can listen to how it will be received and change or modify what you will say. Because live on the day, you only get one go. Had she given me choices from the outset, I could be telling you how great that receptionist was. But I am still left with the impression that she was grumpy.'

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