Monday, May 24, 2010

3D Juggling 479: Apocalypse, Milk and Honey

We're just back from our annual team residential st Little Gidding and this is a great opportunity to say thank you to Jeremy Clare, Caroline Wolf and Elizabeth Turnbull who have now left the 3D core team. We'll be introducing you our new colleagues over the next few weeks.

Su writes: I did some career coaching with a friend recently. She was exceptionally honest with me and described what the jobs market was like in the banking sector. What she described was a post-apocalyptic landscape: a deserted, bleak and hostile environment. It was scary and tough, not for the faint-hearted. It was certainly not a place I would like to have spent time looking for a job. She described it absolutely, as it was to her. I worked with her, questioning her, finding out more but essentially that was it. A land of no hope.

That was her reality.

I decided we might take a different approach. We left the land of no hope and instead we did a job search. We looked for the jobs that were there – within minutes we had found several possibilities that she had the skills to do and more or less fitted her expectations. This was a very different landscape to the one we had been discussing. There were suitable vacancies, there were interesting new avenues to ponder, there were exciting potentials. To be honest, it was not a land of milk and honey, with endless opportunities to mull over and choose from. But it was different to the reality which had been described to me.

She had done job searches before: but she was doing them from her end-of-the world land. She had seen the jobs we found in our search but discounted them immediately. She had not thought about the potential that they offered: only that they wouldn’t work for her. She looked at the jobs market through post-apocalyptic eyes and saw only what she expected to see.

It is easy to build up a reality and continuously find fuel to stoke that version of events. It could be in terms of looking for a job, or tackling an issue in the workplace, or dealing with someone we find difficult. Our lands of no hope can almost become comfortable places to inhabit, and finding there is an alternative may initially be alarming.

So how to break out of that land? We need objective evidence, a mind that is open to the possibilities, and often a critical friend to walk with us. Do you?"

If this is your reality, there's still time to book on the Career Makeover Masterclass in Bletchley on 5th June.

Love this? If this is the reality in your organisation and you'd like to talk about how to support staff through the transition, call us and we can meet for a coffee. It's on us!

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