Tuesday, June 08, 2010

3D Juggling 481: My secret celebrity obsession

Su writes: I am secretly celebrity obsessed. I love it: the scandal, the outrage, the excitement. I google and find out the dirt. I am a mine of useless information about Cheryl/ Brangelina/ past and present members of Take That. Love it, love it, love it!!!

There. I’ve said it now.

You’ve made a decision about me on the basis of that statement:
1. You secretly understand and share this . You feel slightly better disposed toward me.
2. You can’t understand: this celebrity-obsessed culture is harmful and wrong. What a waste of time and energy. I must be a waste of time and energy.
3. You don’t really care either way.

When you write a CV, think about what the recipient needs to know. Do they need to know everything about you, including your celebrity-obsession, your fox-hunting hobby or the football team you support? There is a chance that this will make the recipient less well-disposed to you. However objective the short-lister or interviewer tries to be, there are some things that will rankle with them. As a result, they subconsciously start looking for more evidence to support why you aren’t right for the job.

Do they really need to know that you are interested in cooking, socialising and team sports? Is this really going to get you the job? You might assume this says good things about you – but does it tell the shortlister or interviewer anything that aids their decision on why you are right for this job? If their last Data Controller/ IT Specialist was a fly-half that had to take three months off work with a back injury they may well be less willing to give you a go. In your head, socialising means dinner parties with friends: in the future employer’s head it’s binge drinking every weekend.

Traditionally, CVs had a heading called “Hobbies and Interests”. Look at your CV. Consider removing it and instead including more evidence about your effectiveness at work. Help the future employer by giving them useful evidence on why they should offer you a job rather than appealing to their personal bias."

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