Monday, September 06, 2010

3D Juggling 486: Rook's Nest

Remember that our rookie coaches still have some low-cost places if you would value space to think and reflect.

Su writes: "When I sit and work at home I often (maybe too often!) have to look up from my desk for inspiration. Out of the window I see houses opposite.

Right now, there is a rook building a nest in a chimney-pot. He – I will imagine this is a male bird although my knowledge of ornithology is not so great - has been gathering twigs. Delicately, a twig in his mouth, he disappears from view as he carefully arranges it in the chimney pot. Visible again, he gathers his thoughts, and disappears in order to find more material. Sometimes he flies at other birds, scarying them off.

My thoughts turn to the occupants of the house. Although they may hear some scratching noises travelling down the chimney, they will be otherwise unaware of the events going on above them. Yet from the outside, this is the most interesting and obvious thing about their house.

When we deal with people, they don’t see what we see. In the workplace, we take for granted that what we see, the prickly exterior or the grating over-confidence for example, is how that person is. Moreover we expect them to know that they know this about themselves. Although we all mutter together about “Sharp Sheryl” or “Booming Bob”, do they know this is how they come across? Do we know how we come across? Might it be valuable, gently and honestly, to give some clear feedback?

Next time I go past that house, I’m going to knock on their door and let them know that there’s a rook building a nest in their chimney."

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